The Anti-Anxiety Notebook
The Anti-Anxiety Notebook
The Anti-Anxiety Notebook
The Anti-Anxiety Notebook
The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

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Designed by psychologists to help with stress and anxiety, this notebook will empower you with the tools to cope and manage your mental health. The structured journal entry is based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a proven technique for tracking and managing your stress. Other tools, tips, and reflection questions are also available to help you discover which therapist tools work best for you. 

This is the first guided notebook to be backed by therapists and based in research.

  • Structured exercises proven to help you feel less anxious and track patterns
  • 100 Journal Entries you can use whenever you feel stressed or anxious
  • 5 Check-In's covering different therapy tools for anxiety
  • 100+ notes and tips from therapists throughout the notebook to help guide and encourage reflection
  • 10+ deeper reflection questions available at Check-Ins
  • Hardback book, 270 pages, 8"x5" paper

When should you use it? Journal when you feel stressed or anxious. No pressure, no daily check-in.

How will you use it? Our journal entry format is based on the research-backed therapist’s tool for anxiety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). As you write we provide check-ins to reflect on patterns and learn other essential therapy tools (such as mindfulness, sleep, and laughter).

The Content

  • Letter from a Therapist
  • Introduction Check-In: to Anxiety, CBT, and Evidence-Based Tools
  • 100 2-page journal entries with Check-In’s every 15 entries
  • Check-In #1 Mindset
  • Check-In #2 Mindfulness
  • Check-In #3 Sleep
  • Check-In #4 Positive Relationships
  • Check-In #5 Laughter & Distraction
  • Concluding Check-Out
  • Appendix A: Intro to CBT
  • Appendix B: Cognitive Distortions
  • Appendix C: Feelings Wheel
  • Reference
  • Free Note Space

The Journal Entry Format

Whenever you feel something emotionally potent, use your notebook. The journal entry format is based on today's most robustly research-backed therapist tool for anxiety, CBT. And the exercise is one of the most commonly used by therapists and their clients who do CBT.

  • Note the emotion
  • Track the intensity
  • Write about the events and your thoughts
  • Identify themes and patterns
  • Mentally reframe and take a different perspective

100 Notes from Therapists

The notebook is filled with 100+ notes from therapists, one per a journal entry. They'll help guide you as you journal, serve as additional reflection questions, and provide tips you can use anytime.